Ohanah 3.2.0 - Framework update and fixes


Posted in Announcements

Today we have a great news for all our members. After a long struggle and internal organisational problems, we have finally released a new version of Ohanah v3.

The new version brings a long waited compatibility with the latest JoomlaTools framework. For our members, it means that they will finally be able to use the latest versions of JoomlaTools extensions (DOCman, LOGman, FILEman and TEXTman) on the same website where Ohanah is being used. It also means that all the features that JoomlaTools framework provides are also available in Ohanah.

In this new release, we have also fixed reported bugs that were standing in the queue to be fixed. For the list of all the bug fixes and improvements, please check our changelog.

Although we did try our best to fix all the issues, new ones could slip into the code. In case you find some issue with this latest release, please report them using our support portal in a usual way.