Ohanah Screenshots

Beautifully integrated with Joomla.

The Backend

Ohanah's backend is done using Bootstrap and optimized for Joomla 3+. It's responsive as backend can be, it use modals to hide unnecesarry details when you don't need them and it's powered by Angular so it has a lot of dynamics. Despite being easy, we included state-of-the-art onboarding system which will help you and your clients to start using Ohanah fully from first minute. Bellow are screenshots that are covering most of the views in Ohanah backend.

The Frontend

Minimalistic and designed to fit into any template, Ohanah's frontend is fully optimized for readability and for your visitors to quickly navigate events. The registration flow is ready to get you as many sales as possible. This is achieved by simplifying registration and purchasing process as much as possible. Ohanah will help you to turn your visitors into attendees like no other extension out there.

Note: the screenshots are done using default Joomla 3 template.

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