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The best way to handle events in joomla. As a web developer, its always hard to find extensions that will work in a production environment without issues...ohanah is one of them!

I've used it with many joomla versions, along with other modules and i've never experienced a problem or warning. The interface is clean, straightforward and full-featured, not to mention the fact that is easy to customize(though its hard to need an option which is not already there). The support of this module is fast and effective, if you ever need it... so its an excellent product (probably, the best event-management module for joomla) advised for anyone with event-management needs for joomla.


I've been holding out purchasing this app waiting on a client to approve, and I am so glad they finally did! I love everything about this extension from the way it's administrated to the way it displays.

This extension is going to transform the way I do events on all of my websites by making things easier for the user to find out information about events. I know my clients will be highly pleased. Support is super fabulous and pretty fast. He is really great about helping. He even gave me some support on errors he noticed that had nothing to do with his extension. He really cares about helping you make things function properly on your site. Thanks so much for your hard work. The money spent was well worth it!

Maria Dacus

Brilliant Support. Never had a problem from start to finish, most of the features i wanted were preconfigured. Support is brilliant, after helping me identify a particularly bad problem and I was scratching my head, I received an email with a fix they developed.

Ohanah is easily the quickest and most powerful module i purchased for the whole site

Joel Falknau

Fantastically useful extension for events! Previously, I used RsEvents Pro, but often I had troubles with it's customization to customer's requirements. Once we switched to Ohanah - all problems disappeared. Expansion Ohanah has a very convenient and simple administration panel. Support service very quickly resolves any issues. In Ohanah it is very easy to add additional fields in the forms.

Fantastic application for smartphones! I am very pleased with this extension, and will recommend it to everyone!

Alexander Stanogin

I've always loved the component. Works great out of the box, it has all the features you need while still being simple to use/administer.

Now I can say their support is great too. Dunno about technical support as I've never had a problem with the component. In terms of sales/admin support, they were very quick and very helpful. My team accidentally purchased two different licenses from them. After a few emails within 24-48 hours they refunded one of the licenses and synced up our accounts.


While there are many free extensions for Joomla that solve our problems, I dont mind paying for extensions that do the job or add something that I really need. So I buy this extension after the excellent reviews and promptly install it on an aging Joomla 1.5 website. It installed flawlessly and the detailed videos and documentation filled in the gaps to get it configured for my site. Discovered the need for a couple of tweaks to fine tune the styling of the pages and one problem that I needed support for.

Here's where the authors of this extension separate themselves from all of the other vendors I have bought extensions from.

Hoy Grimm

Not only is the software fantastic and extensive(I feel like I've just scratched the surface of what can be done with it) - but the customer support from Bohan and his team is fantastic. First extension I've felt the need to truly show my appreciation for just out of the pure professionalism I receive from their support.

This can be a complicated yet powerful piece of software and they make it as painless as possible.


I have used Ohanah for a number of websites, and can definitely recommend them!

Their whole system from the component itself, to the support team, is A class... and they continue to keep it great.

Jon mark

If you use Joomla, look no further. Ohanah ticks all the boxes. You have everything you need, from venue management to registration. Super cool!

Julius Solaris, Eventmanagerblog.com

As a Joomla co-founder, I've seen thousands of extensions but Ohanah impressed me for the caliber of the features available and its slick design.

Johan Janssens, Joomla co-founder

I felt really comfortable using Ohanah. The interface was simple and the workflow refined. Without doubt one of the best extensions I have come across so far!


I wish to thank everybody at Ohanah Support team for a wonderful experience. If you wish to add an events program to your site look no further. Professional. in every aspect. Particular thanks to Bojan, one of the team members for all his help. Have a wonderful Christmas and i look forward to being part of the Ohanah family long into the future.

David Barnes

My client, and I who has to support the client, were looking for an easy to set up, manage and update calendering component. We compared ohanah with three other calendering components. Ohanah had the feature set we were looking for. I had a few questions on getting every thing to work as the client wanted. All of our questions were answered. There is good documentation and support questions are answered in a very timely manner. After being used for a few months now my non-technical client continues to tell me how great the component is to work with. The cost is well within reason for components capability. We've today turned on the front end Registered User calender event entry capability. Thanks again

Duane Champion

I recently purchased ohanah. I have found it to be exactly as advertised and have found the support to be excellent. These guys not only know their extension very well, but work hard to answer your issues quickly. Also, the support documentation is extensive.

Even a rookie like myself can work with this.

Ines Rosas

This is really one of the best event management plugins available. The backend is really easy to work with, and it has cool features, like for example the ability to add Google maps to your event locations! On top of that it has great graphics! This is my number one choice!

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