Google Maps problem


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On June 22nd, Google announced that all calls to their APIs need to include the API key. At first, this was just a warning, but recently they started blocking API calls without a key. Since there are quotas on usage, we cannot use one universal key for all Ohanah installations.

The only way to solve this situation is that each Ohanah powered website has it’s own key. Ohanah 3.1.1 has a parameter in the settings for that. Take a look at the guide on how to create Google Maps API key..

Apart from fixing this urgent issue, we did a couple of changes that fixed few things. The issue with some migrations going wrong because of a huge number of repeating events is fixed and we improved the big calendar with some options. Read more in the changelog.

While we are on updates - this issue with Google Maps hit Ohanah v2 too, so we prepared an update. Ohanah v2 users can find the updated version at the usual place.