Ohanah 3.0.5 - Polyglot release


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Welcome to Ohanah! We now speak Czech, Dutch, French and German fluently. With Norwegian Bokmål and Danish that are already in the system, that brings us to the total of 6 additional languages with 100% cover in Ohanah. Big thanks to all our translators for their great work!

Apart from languages in this release, there is a serious bug that is very rare. It’s serious because it can lead to loss of the data; and it’s rare because random generator needs to hit same value twice. If you never saw a semi-empty row in the attendees column, you’re fine. You should update, though.

There are also a lot of small changes and updates, some performance improvements… the usual stuff. For a detailed list - please check out the changelog.

The migrator

Our focus at the moment is the migrator that will allow migration of the data from Ohanah v2 to v3. We had some trouble, ditched few versions because they weren’t flexible enough and we are finally approaching the end. It will be integrated into Ohanah, and it will be super easy to use. We will try our best to migrate as much data as possible.

If you’re already a user, please upgrade immediately, the files are in the Members Center as always.

If you are not a user yet, what are you waiting for?