Ohanah v3 Launch Party


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Name: Ohanah v3 Launch Party
Date: 01 October 2015
Location: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Milky Way
Category: Joomla → Event managers → Awesome

Finally, an event that we were all waiting for – Ohanah v3 Launch Parteeeeeee! After many hours of designing, coding, testing, fixing, testing, coding, fixing and then some more, Ohanah v3 is out!

It’s all new and shiny. Simple, elegant, and powerful. It honors the flow, unobtrusive stream of clicks that result in the event exactly how you wanted it. It’s designed to save your time, to help you sell your events and to make events the best part of your site.

Create events

Creating events in Ohanah cannot be simpler. Everything that is essential is displayed right up-front, and everything that is special is hidden behind one click. That way you can always focus on what you are doing, without going through screens and screens of options. See how you can manage venues with geolocation and how easy creating repeating events is.

Display events on the frontend in different ways. There is only one menu item that displays your event list, but it’s so versatile, that you can build whatever you want with it. Also, there is an unavoidable event list module, filter module, calendars of all sizes, maps. You name it, we got it.

Sell tickets

The main purpose of event management system is to help you turn your visitors to attendees. Ohanah has a powerful ticketing system and special form builder which allows anybody (even your aunt that types “google” into Google to open Google) to create custom questions for the attendees (per event). On top of that, registration flow is optimized for sale. Did we mention that Ohanah makes printable tickets with QR code and invoices out of the box? No? Well, it does.

Save your time

Ohanah is very simple to use. The interface is following familiar Joomla look&feel so everyone will feel at home. See for yourself. Besides that, Ohanah will greet each user with the onboarding system that is unique in the Joomla market. It will introduce you to the concepts and give you a heads up about the things that require special attention. Since its user based, you will not need to explain anything to your colleagues or clients – Ohanah greets everybody in the same way.

Documentation of Ohanah (for now and forever, work in progress) is search based. You will find what you are looking for within seconds.


Ohanah is a core – an essence of the event management. We plan to build on top of it. To expand the range of things that you can do with Ohanah without constantly changing everything. There is no reason why you couldn’t do that too. Ohanah is equipped with RESTFul API that allows you to build your custom solutions around it, saving you tons of money in developer time by offering advanced things out of the box.

Now, the Team Ohanah will grab some beer and celebrate. This is the party after all, isn’t it? Tomorrow we will start supporting, fixing and building things, because that’s what we do. We hope that you will join us on that journey. What are you waiting for? GO!