Beta Is Here


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As we promised, Alpha 3 was the last Alpha version of Ohanah. It took a little bit more than we expected to get to Beta since we did a lot of internal testings and fixed a lot of bugs. Finally, Beta is here with a ton of fixes, some new stuff and code much closer to final release. Since we had 3 Alpha versions, beta period should be very short, and we expect to release final Ohanah v3 in a couple of weeks.

Let’s start with what’s new:

  • Events module - Display list of events wherever you want. It’s fully filterable, and it displays a link to full list of the events. Perfect for homepage!
  • Timeline filter - Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Weekend, Next Month… these filters are available in any event list, being it menu item or a module.
  • Calendar module - Show calendar that has days with the events marked. When the user hovers over the day, the hint will display a list of events on that day. Older Ohanah users will recognize this as a “Calendar improved” approach from v2.
  • Calendar view - Display events in the calendar that looks like Google calendar.
  • Printing of ticket/receipt is improved.
  • Basic Joomla ACL implemented.

Things that were fixed in Alpha 3 and later:

  • Numerous fixes for the links and the router.
  • CSS cleanup. Added small fixes to prevent issues with major template providers.
  • Missing translations are added.
  • Multiple calendar modules can be used on the same page.
  • Hints in calendar module can be configured to behave correctly depending on which side of the page module is placed (left/right).
  • Error when copying events is now fixed.

Everybody that participated in Alpha program will automatically be added to the Beta program. One final round of testing and v3 will be out. Let’s find those bugs quickly, fix them even quicker and have final Ohanah v3 in no time!

And of course, keep in mind that beta versions are not meant to be used on live sites.

[Photo credit: Lendingmemo]