Final Alpha of the New Ohanah


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Custom attendee fields - that was our main priority last couple of weeks. You can call it “custom registration fields”, “additional questions”, however you want - they are here. With an easy-to-use builder, you can make forms that attendees will fill in. Fields are per event, and no coding skill is required to make them.

There are three types of fields:

  • Plain text fields - for free-form input
  • Dropdowns - for picking one option out of the multiple choices
  • Checkbox lists - for selecting more options at once

Those three types are enough for collecting most types of information from the attendees. Did we mention that you can have as much of fields as you want, per event? Of course, all collected information will be included in attendees view in the backend, and in all the exports.

While we were busy with Form Builder (that’s how we call it), we shipped few minor versions of Alpha 2:

  • Problems with rendering of description, description summary and the price are fixed.
  • ACL for the tickets is implemented. Now you can control who can see and who can buy the particular ticket.
  • Added new way of rendering location. There are 24 different combinations of venue + address format, covering all possible cases.
  • Improved map rendering in single event view.
  • Full support for Schema. And by full we mean events, dates, recurring events, locations, offers (tickets). Google will love your site with Ohanah v3.

Apart from things that we fixed in Alpha 2, Alpha 3 includes:

  • Improved translations.
  • The first ticket is for the customer (if possible).
  • Improved order, ticket and receipt views.
  • A lot of small fixes that we found during the implementation of new features.
  • Last but not least - Form builder

We invite all of our active subscribers to test this Alpha version. We would love to hear your feedback! Instructions how to join are in the Support Portal.

Keep in mind that alpha versions are incomplete releases, not suited for the production.