Announcing the Second Alpha Release


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Today,we’re excited to release the second Alpha version of the new Ohanah. During the past weeks, thanks to our customers feedbacks and help in testing, we did 26 iterations on the Alpha1 release. Those iterations addressed the following points:

##Alpha1 - fixes, improvements and additions through 26 iterations

  • Multiple pricing
  • fixed small bugs - slugs for repeating events, caching issues, multiple submissions of the order form, repeat modal issue, voiding an order issue, sold out message appearing at the wrong time;
  • improved counting of how many tickets still left for particular ticket type;
  • improved onboarding experience;
  • added CSV export for orders and attendees;
  • improved repeating events summary;
  • implemented monthly repeating ‘on the day of the month’ (repeat every 3rd day of the month) and ‘on the day of the week’ (repeat every 2nd Friday of the month);
  • added offline payments;
  • added ability for the customer to select payment method on purchase (offline or PayPal);
  • Updated to latest version of the Nooku framework;


In the alpha2 version released today, apart from finding all of the work mentioned from alpha1, we worked hard to focus and implement the following features:

  • Email notifications - ability to send emails to the event creator and all members of the event manager group when the order is created, notification about purchase for order creator, completely overridable email messages with support for multilanguage emails
  • Events now have a responsive ticket widget allowing to order tickets in the fastest and simplest way available online.
  • Events list view - event list can display all the metadata (date, category, venue, price) plus logo and description summary. There are lot of options in the menu item settings that can help you tailor list just the way you want
  • Event view - with metadata, full description, ticket widget, the map and attendee list. Map comes with six different formats, just a click away.
  • API support for the JSON format
  • Validation of fields (email, dates, etc.)
  • many small bugs that we found while implementing new features

If you’re already an active customer, you can apply for the alpha program. We already have more than 100 customers enrolled, and we’ll love you to join.

Many features that will make the new Ohanah are already in place while many features are still missing as we are currently working on them.

While Alpha 2 is being tested, we will work on Alpha 3. The focus will be on the builder for custom registration forms and on modules (filter, event list etc.).

We need your help to iterate on those aspects before the Beta release and to hammer out any remaining issues on the parts shipped. In this direction, all the feedbacks, suggestions and bug reports will be handled via an in-app messaging system so that each of our testers can have a direct 1-1 communication channel with our team.

Bare in mind that alpha versions are incomplete releases, not suited for production.