Ohanah 2.3.25

We Couldn’t Do It Without You


There are a few tricks for keeping your head cool when you are developing a software. Awesome users are probably the greatest one.

A few weeks ago we released a big update. If you didn’t hear about it, you should definitely check out our blog post: you will learn about new features, what’s improved and about our journey toward version 3 of Ohanah.

Naturally, with lot’s of changes, there are lots of places for bugs to crawl in. This release is all about fixing those errors. It’s full of squashed bugs and you should update now.

We want to say big THANKS to all of our users who helped us in finding problems and testing the solutions. You guys are truly awesome and without your help it would be much harder for us to do this in such short time.


  • Fixed In some cases, the script for rendering Big Calendar (a menu item of the type “Ohanah -> Calendar”) is not loaded;
  • Fixed The descending sorting is not working in the Event list module;
  • Fixed Improved calendar is showing duplicate entries in the tooltips for multiday events;
  • Fixed Improved calendar is not using the translations for the day names;
  • Fixed There is no header in the Improved calendar;
  • Fixed On some systems the Event list module causes a blank page with “500 - Call to undefined method :truncate” error;
  • Fixed The Improved calendar doesn’t trigger proper ItemID;
  • Fixed The Old calendar module is not working on pages that are not rendered by the Ohanah component;
  • Fixed HTML stripping from the description snippet is not working;
  • Fixed On some system, old problem with a custom option in modules is still present;
  • Fixed URL in the Big calendar doesn’t work well when SEF is turned off;
  • Fixed The spinner in Improved calendar is showing better on some templates;
  • Fixed In Improved calendar, when you click on the day with more events, list shown is missing multiday events;
  • Improved The full calendar script was updated to newest version;
  • Improved Language updates (Catalan, Croatian, Italian, and Taiwanese Mandarin);
  • Improved The install script is cleaned from some unnecessary code;

Any questions? Write us at team@ohanah.com, we are always happy to hear from you.