A glimpse into the future


Ohanah 2.3.24 is out. It’s yet another “thick” release with many improvements. We strongly recommend to update.

##A completely new Calendar module

It’s new, fresh, more powerful than ever. It’s fully responsive and it looks better. Beneath the surface, it’s fully Ajax powered, so only information that is needed for the current view is loaded from the server, making pages load faster.

Much requested feature, a list of events displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the date is there.

Note: If you are satisfied with the old calendar module, don’t worry, you will not need to change. We ship the new calendar module completely separated so that you can test it, and if you like it, just replace old one. If not, the old calendar module will still work as before.

Any questions? Write us at team@ohanah.com, we are always happy to hear from you.


Captcha has been added to the front-end submission of the events. Ohanah will use whatever you configure Joomla to use, so you can use native Joomla’s Captcha plugin or plugin of your choice, it’s up to you.

##Email flow

The email notification system got some refactoring as well, making the code more stable and secure and adding an event time snippet for you to be used inside emails.


Ohanah can now load it’s own Custom CSS code wherever it’s needed, making styling much simpler, not just for menu item views but for Ohanah’s modules as well.

##Other Improvements in the 2.3.24 releases include:

Other Features:

  • Improved Attendees module now knows if it’s not needed by an event (event is disabled for registration), so it will hide itself in J3 or display an appropriate message in J2.5;
  • Improved Plugins code is stripped completely from description snippet and Open graph tags - just in case;
  • Improved Category and Venue list modules will hide categories/venues without upcoming, published events;
  • Improved Lists in the settings for the Frontend style and Module injector template positions are much more user friendly (nicely grouped items);
  • Improved List for the “Menu item Ohanah should point it’s links to” is cleaned and now it shows only the menu items that are active. Also, they are grouped by the menus and sorted like in the menu manager;
  • Improved Some settings, now, have better, more understandable titles;
  • Improved Better defaults for new event form;
  • Improved Removed obsolete information from the “help” section;
  • Improved Better titles of some of the options (more understandable for new users);
  • Improved Minor UI tweaks;

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed In the backend of the Ohanah, when search is active, feature/publish buttons don’t work as expected;
  • Fixed When a user go to the event through the list of its events, share buttons don’t use proper URL;
  • Fixed On some server configurations and on some server/browser combinations “Invalid token or session time out” message appears after registration;
  • Fixed When sending emails from the backend with faulty configuration, a warning message is displayed instead of the error message;
  • Fixed In J2.5, when somebody register for an event, a bogus notification email for “event added through front-end” is sent to the administrator;
  • Fixed Descending sorting of events doesn’t work;
  • Fixed On some sites that use the new version of JFBConnect, raw plugin tags are displayed;

The future

As many of you already know, we started working on version 3 of Ohanah. We used v2 as a starting point in order to be able to:

  • Remove unneeded features in order to simplify and improve UX
  • Improve existing features that can be done better
  • Add missing and needed features

Most important we are starting from the whole architecture in order to allow Ohanah to be much easier to be extended, integrated and customized by our customers and by 3rd party developers.

Initially, we will concentrate our efforts into 4 focus areas:

  • sub-categories
  • multiple tickets per event (different pricing/type)
  • registration workflow
  • the notification system

We saw many new events extension appearing on the JED and we still believe that simplicity and ease of use are still a major key, just like it was when we started the Ohanah project few years ago. We believe we can do better and with v3 we’ll strive for that.

What will happen with the v2? Nothing to worry for the moment, the actual Ohanah v2 will remain our stable and supported version for a while to come, while for the moment version 3 will be our playground, where we will improve and break things.

Version 2 will always be stable, with updates and bug fixes. We will continue to support it as long as there is one of you that is using it on the site. That’s guaranteed.