A Recipe for a Release


We cooked another release. A little bit of SEO, a pinch of customization, some cleanup, a cache problem fix, some CSS class here and there and a whole lotta love.

First, we improved the meta description. It’s not too long, it’s not too short, it’s just right. And for the recurring events, meta description now includes start date to prevent duplication. Then, we fixed our Xmap plugin to work with Joomla 3. That will give you a nice sitemap with lots of options. Search engines will find this very tasty.

While adding the debug information that will help detect possible issues with geolocation, we noticed that some plugin find the cooperation with Ohanah very sour. We added some sugar, called few triggers they like, and now we enjoy our sweet and sour mix. Oh, almost forgot, you can now manually add herbs like City, State and Country to the Venue if the default mix provided by Google Maps is not your cup of tea.

Few of you reported that after the registration for an event on their sites, users are redirected to the wrong place. Then, some weird cache issue was also reported. We stopped everything and prepared the fix for those sites. Now everything is working just fine, even if the cache is turned on. No more surprises.

Eventually, we seasoned the release with a venue ID as CSS class in the calendar and event list so that you can style both based on Venue. We also added some small fixes to prevent well known CSS issues.

At the end, we cleaned the plate from some Joomla 1.5 code and here you go: yummy Ohanah 2.3.21 is there. Get it while it’s hot.