We just ejected the module injector


We just released Ohanah 2.3.18, our first release in 2014. Good news for Joomla 3 users: no more module injector! The most complex thing in Ohanah is gone. Now, modules will hide themselves from the views where they cannot display useful information. You still get the final word. Every module has options in it’s own configuration that you can use to set it up as you want.

To give you an example: if you want the calendar module to show up on the event list, but not on the single event view (common scenario), just set this in the calendar module settings. It’s that easy! All the power of module injector without all the fuss.

If you use Joomla 3 and you have all things set up with module injector, no worries: things will still continue to work as usual. This change applies only to new users, and only to Joomla 3. For Joomla 2.5 users, everything will continue to work as usual.

##We also added a few things:

  • the {EVENT_ID} and {REGISTRATION_ID} snippets are now available in the email that is sent to user. You can use them to get a unique number that will indentify the ticket
  • the {EVENT_ID} snippet can be used in custom URL for payments

##Of course, there are always some bugs to be fixed:

  • the reminder email now has a proper date format
  • the ACL setting now have big red warning message about possible problems
  • the editor encoding problem is solved
  • redirect after frontend submission works in all cases
  • the filter module now behaves properly on Joomla 3
  • go:url is now good even if Joomla is in subfolder on a domain

Have a great new year and enjoy Ohanah! Have a great new year and enjoy Ohanah!