Ohanah 2.3.19

Bugfix release


Today we issued a bugfix release that solves an issue caused by a 3rd party API change, plus some other small fixes.

Some users notified us that times were not displaying correctly. We checked and found out that the awesome GeoNames API slightly changed. We use it to calculate the timezone from the address, so those calculations were wrong. This problem can cause some issues in determining if an event is past or future and in showing the correct times in the mobile app.

This release will fix this problem.

What should you do now? First, install the update. Then, if you created any event in the last couple of days, please go in the administrator interface, open each new event, click on the address field, press the ‘down arrow’ key, and click the address in the box that appears.

Then, save the event. This will force the timezone information, needed to calculate dates, to be updated with the right value.

##Some other fixes:

  • Fixed a weird validation problem in the frontend submission form
  • Fixed a problem with Paypal and name of the event in the Hebrew langauge
  • Fixed a bug that put “Who can register” to “Nobody” for frontend submitted events
  • Some warnings that appeared during install are gone
  • Fixed some small typos in the XML (thanks Yann!)