Ohanah 2.3.17

New mobile app, Joomla 3.2 compatibility


This week we are happy to inform you that we are releasing our new mobile app to all our customers. We worked for the last two weeks with our beta testers, and we want to thank them for the effort they put in helping us solve some issues. Our mobile app had a warm welcome from them, we hope you’ll enjoy it too!

If your subscription plan is eligible for mobile app usage, you can get it from the Downloads forum in our Support portal. If you have a Regular or Light subscription, you don’t have access to it, but you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us and upgrade your plan!

Last week we also had good news from the Joomla! side: Joomla 3.2 was released. There are lots of goodies in the new release, we’re sure you already know most of them!

We’ve always jumped fast on new Joomla! releases and, of course, we took time to tune Ohanah and support Joomla! 3.2 changes. With our new release you’ll enjoy the full compatibility with Joomla! 3.2.

##In addition to that, we also worked on some other changes:

  • The PayPal IPN integration is now updated to HTTP 1.1, a change required by some PayPal internal changes
  • In the frontend submission options, it is now possible to enable default registration system for new frontend submitted events
  • Fixed a PHP 5.4 alias problem with unicode chars
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with pictures in the admin interface