Ohanah 2.3.16


This week we decided to do a sprint to fix a few annoying bugs that have been lying around in our bug tracker a little too long.

##In backend, these bugs are fixed:

  • backend fix Unpublishing multiple venues unpublish all the events
  • backend fix Sorting attendees in the backend didn’t work
  • backend fix When the frontend editing is enabled, the “URL to redirect” option is hidden
  • backend fix When adding address in Joomla 3, map is not showing zoom options

##We also took care of some frontend issues:

  • frontend fix If event is added from frontend and venue name has more then 50 characters venue name is missing
  • frontend fix Semi-security issue in front-end submission that allowed some not normally enabled options to skilled users
  • frontend fix A schema.org problem
  • frontend fix Issue that appeared when while making description snippet, br tag is cut so markup is messed up
  • frontend fix A few missing translations

While we were there, we dedicated to clean the interface a bit. This applies especially to Joomla 3, where, due to changes in administrator interface, Ohanah dind’t look its best:

  • UI improvement While selecting category, placeholder word “Category” appear as name of one of the categories. Now it appear disabled and it’s more clear it’s placeholder text.
  • UI improvement In add event form, the “Add picture” button label was wrong and misleading
  • UI improvement We improved the ‘Help’ and ‘Credits’ section
  • UI improvement Fixed glitch in Joomla3, that appeared when responsive layout is activated. The toolbar is overlapped the rest of the page.
  • UI improvement Fixed the vertical alignment of checkboxes in the lists in Joomla 3
  • UI improvement Fixed the messages and notifications that overlapped with the rest of the interface in Joomla 3
  • UI improvement Improve disabled toolbar buttons rendering, so it’s more clear they’re disabled

All these changes should make usage of Ohanah even easier. If you find problems with any of these fixes, just contact us through the support platform. Have a nice day and have fun using Ohanah!