Introducing the New Ohanah Mobile App


This week we finished our work on the new Ohanah mobile app, a goodie that our Professional and Developer members can enjoy.

Our mobile app was built in late 2011, first shipped as part of the Ohanah v2 release. It was built using Sencha Touch.

The new mobile app was coded from the ground up using jQuery Mobile.

We also made it 5 times faster and 3 times lighter, made theming easier using the jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller, not to mention it’s now multilingual: the mobile app now picks the Joomla default language and is translated accordingly. We also added the images gallery that will be shown in full details when clicked on.

The event map now shows our nice marker, and if you tap on it, a full page map will appear, allowing you to navigate, zoom, etc.

Another big change is that you can now control the mobile app options from Joomla, from the Ohanah Settings page. The mobile app is still independent from Joomla, but it’s super easy customizing it. A little sneak peek of the configuration options:

  • option Enable or disable the mobile app
  • option Decide to show only events of a specific category, or just show all events
  • option Show only upcoming events, or list also the past ones
  • option Group by date events that happen on the same day
  • option Show or hide the time on the events list
  • option Show or hide the events pictures on the events list
  • option Show an optional info window with a customizable message

We’ll start rolling out this new mobile app to beta testers this week, and once we make sure everything works as expected, we’ll roll it out for all Professional and Developer subscription members.

Apply today to receive the beta version and get a preview of it!